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Della R. - “As soon as I walked into your beautiful massage room I was immediately relaxed. You have such a beautiful calming touch yet therapeutic feel. I left my massage feeling relaxed and surreal. I look forward to my next massage with you.”


Suzanne D. - “I was under a lot of pressure balancing both work and home life. I was feeling overwhelmed, stressed, tense and just generally run down with deep knots forming in my shoulders and neck. I arrived at my appointment and on first impression, was very pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere in the massage room itself. There were candles lit, soft music playing, a heated massage table plus a heat lamp to warm the room, dim lighting and soft linens which immediately put my mind at ease. This alone was not what I have yet experienced in area salons or offices. Now for the massage: Michelle provided the most relaxing, detailed, unique head-to-toe massage I have ever experienced in my lifetime. She clearly has a vast and in-depth knowledge of massage therapy and focused on the areas that I specifically requested. Her technique is very strong yet gentle and she was able to effectively massage and relax the deep knots in my neck and shoulders that lasted for weeks. What was unique about the whole experience was how Michelle was able to calm my mind before my body by creating a sense of serenity in the room, her conscious effort to slowly, yet methodically, work each area including an extensive face and scalp massage. Put all of those elements together and one experiences sheer bliss. Thank you, Michelle. You have truly earned a loyal client.”


Kay S. - “I was blessed with the opportunity to have a series of yoga therapy sessions with Michelle in her private studio. The space and ambiance was inviting. She was encouraging and thorough and eager to help me address any difficulties or sources of pain that my 68 year old body had developed! We focused on foot pain, hip alignment, and neck and shoulder limitations. With a gift of three sessions from my daughter, augmented by three additional sessions that I purchased, we were able to focus on many important areas of concern. I learned techniques to continue to practice opening and improvements on my own. Good self-care is key for me and Michelle gave me professional assessment, yoga therapy techniques, understanding, and coaching to enable me to practice good self-care. I highly recommend her to others who want to better understand ways to improve their mobility and enjoyment.”


Keri F. - "For several weeks, I had a sharp, recurring pain that extended from my right hip down through my ankle.  My attempts at home therapy involved coming home from work, bathing in Epsom salt, slathering my leg with Tiger Balm and sitting on the couch with the heating pad. I even resorted to Tylenol to help relieve the pain, despite not being too fond of taking pills for my common aches and pains…NOTHING worked!! I even had to find a substitute to teach my yoga class for me as I was not able to assist students, let alone hold any poses of my own for any amount of time.  I then remembered how beneficial Michelle’s work had been when I was training for a marathon last year and thought I could tap into her vast knowledge to help me with this pain.  I wish I had thought of it sooner because Michelle had the answer.  We discussed any related issues to try and pinpoint the issue and she assisted me with yoga therapy on my sacrum, hip, leg, feet and shoulders.  I felt the pain subside immediately and enjoyed the overall sense of relief throughout the 1 ½ hour session.  It has been almost a month and the pain has not returned.  Thanks so much Michelle!!  Namaste." 


Lisa C. - "About four years ago I started learning yoga from home using DVDs to help relieve chronic neck and upper back pain. Yoga helped immensely, and I enjoyed the challenge of learning new postures. Recently I became aware of another facet of yoga that focused more on tension release and alignment - yoga therapy. I decided to see Michelle for an individual session to find out where my imbalances tended to be and to learn how to correct them. With just one session the "catch" in the left side of my low back released and the left side of my neck and shoulder also felt more in balance. My lower back felt great for about two weeks and when I felt the discomfort return, I just did the rolling Michelle had taught me, and the catch has not come back. The most interesting result of our session had to do with balancing the sphenoid bone, which seemed to send a deep calm into my core and also made my voice a bit deeper and easier to project (I am typically soft spoken and when I am stressed my voice tends to get higher in pitch). One of my coworkers even commented that when I was teaching my most recent wellness class my voice was calmer and that I sounded less nervous. Michelle is very professional and caring at the same time. I was easily able to relax during the session and able to remember what we worked on so that I could continue the exercises at home. I look forward to having another session in the future and seeing how I have progressed! Many Blessings to you, Michelle!"


Bryan T. - “When I first went to see Michelle I was in chronic pain. My hips made it very painful to walk, let alone run. My low back hurt so much I had to take breaks throughout the day to alleviate the pain.

After 20 plus years in the Military, several of them in Special Operations, I had put my body through rigorous torment. Since leaving the military, my daily routine was not the same and my body was finally hitting back! I was open to trying yoga therapy with Michelle because I knew surgery was the last resort. I started seeing Michelle once or twice a week and felt immediate results! At first, the results of all the rolling, joint movement, and alignment techniques would hold in my body for a few days. Michelle kept me in a positive frame of mind at all times and eventually after about 6 sessions or so and her reminders to perform the release movements between sessions, everything started to gain memory and hold for longer periods of time. With Michelle's knowledge and unyielding devotion to her methods and yoga therapy, I feel like a new person. I still continue to see Michelle every month to ensure that my body retains the muscle memory. I cannot say enough about Michelle's methods and how she has made a huge impact on getting me back to normal and feeling so much healthier. I highly recommend Michelle and her Balanced Foundation Yoga to everyone. I wouldn't go anywhere else, she’s the best and I am very grateful to her.”


Julie S. - "I live with scoliosis and tend to have back stiffness. Along with knee tenderness and a torn ligament in my wrist; I knew seeing Michelle would be beneficial for me. Upon entering the beautiful studio- I immediately felt a sense of calm and comfort. Michelle eagerly listened to everything I had to say. She gently guided me through therapeutic exercises and assists. Every step of the way, I was made to feel safe and grounded. When my session was over I felt phenomenal. My body was so refreshed it felt as if I was leaving from getting a massage rather than a therapy session. I highly recommend a yoga therapy session if you have any stiffness or tension in your body. Thank you Michelle, I can't wait until our next session!"


Stacey L. - “I just wanted to express my deep gratitude to Michelle for helping me with pain that I have had for 20 years. I have been to chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists and of course on pain medication on occasion with very little relief.  I am amazed by the way I feel and what I learn from Michelle every time I see her for yoga therapy.  If you have yet to experience the "omg my pain is gone!" I encourage you to set up an appointment. Thank you, Thank you Michelle!”


Julie C. - “Yoga therapy with Michelle is Amazing! I went to see Michelle because I was experiencing sciatic pain in my right hip. I had been very physically active, training for a triathlon and I started to get concerned that my pain was not getting better. After one session with Michelle I could feel a difference. Michelle even gave me some tips for things I could continue to do at home to help with my pain. I can honestly say that I have not had this chronic pain since! Thank you, Michelle!”


Nicki T. - “When it was suggested I go see Michelle for a bit of yoga therapy due to my ongoing knee issue, I will not lie, I was hesitant. I have never been “good” at yoga, the whole focusing thing just wasn’t for me. When I arrived for my first session I immediately felt at ease and calm. The studio is warm and welcoming, and Michelle’s demeanor is the same. After the first session, I immediately felt a difference in my knee. There is minimal to no pain, compared to every day pain. A great touch is Michelle explains everything she is doing so you can take it home and use it to your own personal benefit in your day-to-day life. I can’t wait to go back!”


Todd M. - “Michelle's passion for her work is self evident. She has something to teach everyone on how to keep their body open and free, or how to help reduce or eliminate pain. If you're looking for help or to improve your performance see Michelle."


Megan S. - “I came to Michelle with discomfort in the knees and low back. She listened attentively to my concerns and got a sense of my body through dialogue and with an examination of my body’s alignment. She responded by assisting me through some yoga therapy techniques. She also guided me through various yoga postures, often incorporating the use of some simple props. She offered thorough explanations for my every inquiry, as well as exercises for me to practice at home. I am happy to share that I feel marked improvements after working with her and find relief and improvements in so many areas (tightness, aches, tension, foot placement in exercising, bunions… to name a few) by practicing her recommended techniques at home and by simply moving with the awareness of what she has shared with me. Michelle so graciously shares her extensive knowledge of the body in such an accessible, practical and unassuming way. I enjoy the serenity of her presence and her true concern for the well-being of others… her desire and ability to help people find comfort in their bodies.”

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