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2023 ScarWork Course Attendee

I have been finding myself automatically incorporating ScarWork into a lot of physical therapy sessions and have been noticing excellent outcomes. It has been fun to compare bilateral total hips, total knees, shoulder repairs and how much more mobility is regained by incorporating ScarWork, compared to previous surgeries. ScarWork has also addressed lingering pain after surgeries that I previously would have expected would take more time to resolve (e.g., biceps pain after RTC repair+biceps tenodesis). I have also noticed good outcomes with old scars (both cosmetic or pain generating) that I have addressed for fun on friends and family. Thank you for the unique opportunity to broaden my toolbox to ultimately improve outcomes for my clients.


~ Alyssa Wu, PT, DPT 

2022 ScarWork Course Attendees

Two students share their experience (the Sharon Wheeler video referenced in the clip is here).

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